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To Be Your Own Image Consultant The Fashion Confession The Naked Truth Workshop
The Fashion Confession
Our Price: $97.00
The Naked Truth Workshop
Our Price: $47.00

Would you like to be fashionable and yet bring out the best of your personality?

Would you like to build your wardrobe professionally without emptying your wallet?

if your answer to the above two questions are "Yes!" Attending Hidi Lee's "To Be Your Own Image Consultant" intensive is a must! Having 25 years of international experience to the fashion and lingerie business, Hidi custom crafted for you this one of a kind intensive.

In this intensive, Hidi custom crafted the secret formular for you to captivate the fashion trend, using the power of visual illusion, combine it with your own personality, your body shape, your skin tone, your budget and who you are, to create your own Fashion DNA. You will discover the unique beauty within yourself and dress to portrait the very best you. She helps you to take control of your own image, make fashion decision that make sense to you. The best of all, she makes sure you become a fashion victor, instead of a fashion victim by having the confidence to pick and choose to build your successful wardrobe.

Since Hidi wants to focus on personal needs, she limit the seats to only 6 people, so each one of them can ask personal questions about their intimate need. The frequency of the intensive is by demand.

She also offers a party style format. Where a group of 6 friends can hold a day-party to learn all the fashion trends and have a hands-on experience with Hidi.

Caren Glasser (Co-Founder at Spark It Network and Founder & CPO at Promote Your Passion) - Testimonial of "To Be Your Own Image Consultant" Intensive

Jenny Chambers ( Medical Writer) - testimonial of "To Be Your Own Image Consultant" intensive

Maurice DiMino (Award winning speaker, author and mentor) - Testimonial Testimonial of "To Be Your Own Image Consultant" Intensive

Bert Garcia (Principal at Phoenix Real Estate Investor Group) - Testimonial of "To Be Your Own Image Consultant" Intensive

Alicia Harris (owner of fashion retail) share her experience at "To Be Your Own Image Consultant"

Sean Garcia ( Real Estate Investor Group) share his experience at "To Be Your Own Image Consultant"

Marcia Bruce Bush ( Accountant of ADI) share her experience at "To Be Your Own Image Consultant"
Are you interested in working in the fashion industry?
Do you want to pursue your passion and lead a fun and glamour life?
Are you ready to get started in this lucrative field?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above question...then you are IN!!!

You are invited to "The Fashion Confession - The Truth of the Fashion World". Experts from different categories will pull back their curtains and share with you their insight of the REAL world of the fashion industry and what it takes to be successful.

All students from High School or College are welcome to sign up for this seminar.
With your enrollment, your parents are welcome to join us for FREE! But you have to act fast, these are limited seats, once the room is filled up, we will not be able to accommodate more people.

This is your first stop before you spend tens of thousands of dollars and your valuable time as you discover what you really LOVE in the Fashion World.

This is an annual event! Coming seminar information as below:

Date: Oct 25th, 2014, 9am to 5pm
Place: Warner Center Marriott Hotel, 21850 Oxnard St, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
The Naked Truth Workshop - An event that redefines sensuality and breaks through false body perceptions.

Hidi Lee ( International lingerie designer, author, speaker) and Maureen Benoit ( Fine Art Photographer, Phototherapist), two ordinary women with one extraordinary goal - To enrich, edify and empower the lives of women and girls by encouraging them "to feel whole and complete just the way they are".

From Hidi Lee, you will learn so many tips and tricks in the fashion / lingerie world so as to help you to redefines your beauty from the inside and out. She is going to show you what is the hottest trend in the next season so whether you are in Neiman Marcus or Target, you will always know what to pick to align with the fashion world.

Through the camera lens of Maureen Benoit, you are going to be the testimonial of the incredible transformation of individual. It is a day of discovery, laughter, tears. A day to recommit to yourself, to let go of the negative past that has been holding you back, and allow yourself to live in fullness for the rest of your life.

You will walk out from the workshop loving yourself more - that is our ultimate goal!

We are having the workshop annually. Our next one will be on July 26th, 2014 in Santa Clarita, California. See you there!