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"To Be Your Own Image Consultant"
- Discover Your Own Fashion DNA

- Have you ever bought a piece of the trendy outfit in your closet, but every time when you try it on, you have to take it off before you walk out of your bedroom? Because you found that is not you! You bought it only because that was the fashion piece at that season.

- Do you feel that you had been trying hard to follow the trend, all you feel is frustrated about over spending your budget? Just one season, the clothes that you had in your closet has already gone out dated.

- Do you feel disappointed that whatever it is in trend at this moment don’t work for your body or personality? You feel that you are not being fashionable and trendy and you have no idea how to dress to best illustrate who you are and still being trendy?

- Do you want to take control of your own image and be fashionable and yet bringing the best of your personality / body image and, the best of all, it won’t empty your wallet?

From a Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

In this workshop that I custom crafted, gathering all 25 years of international exposure within the fashion and lingerie business, I want to share with you my tips and techniques when getting to understand your own body, starting from the very inner layer. Since this workshop is very intimate, it is for 6 people only, I am going to hold your hand until you find your own Fashion DNA.

From then on, you will have so much confident and knowledge to pick and choose your own wardrobe and be successful. Not only that you will then be dressing as a fashion victor, not only show casting your best and within the trend, but also saving tons of money in your bank account.

If you are interested in joining the workshop and start to be your own image consultant, please e-mail me at We will then figure out when will it be. Thanks!

Thank you so much for those who joined my past workshop. It was such an intimate nice group. The fact that you all created your own Fashion DNA right in front of my eyes was exactly what I envision when I created this workshop. From now on, you all are going to shop and dress like a professional image expert! Congratulation!

Some of the many succe
ssful graduates of the workshop:

Caren glasser - Co-founder and CPO of “Promote Your Passion Maurice DiMino – Award winning speaker, author and mentor Carol Ann Wagner - President / Chief Operating Officer of Gerontololgical Learning Center of Continuing Education
Sean Garcia - Phoenix Real Estate Investor Group Jenny Chambers - Medical writer Marena Murray - Realtor of Rodeo Realty
Monica Generalao - LOFT Debe Portman Bloom - Director of Nerium International Marcia Bruce Bush - Accountant of ADT
Jessie Zhang - Account Executive of Advanstar Communications Albert Garcia - Principal of Phoenix Real Estate Investor Group

Shawna Swanberg - Hypnotherapist
Alicia Harris - fashion retailer Desiree Generalao
- Nursing student
Mary Antonucci
- Skin Care Consultant
Joanne Nall
- DTM - Toastmasters International