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The Naked Truth Workshop - An event that redefines sensuality and breaks through false body perceptions

Hidi Lee - Your Image Expert & Maureen Benoit - Phototherapist

Our Vision:
To enrich, edify and empower the lives of women and girls by encouraging them "to feel whole and complete just the way they are".

The experience:
A day of discovery, laughter, tears. A day to recommit to yourself, make new friends, and a dayto shop. Hidi and Maureen co-produce a heart-centered event packed with inspirational speakers, unique boutique merchants and awesome prizes!

Our Guarantee:

From Hidi

- Learn how to truly and accurately measure your body.
- Enhance your natural beauty and learn techniques to veil your genuine flaws.
- Discover how lingerie can enhance your life, both mentally and physically.
- Improve your look regardless of body type.
- Get current Trend Report from the insider.

From Maureen:

- Learn to recognize the distortion of self perceptions.
- Expose the lies and deceptions which sabotage our efforts to live a healthy, meaningful life in body & soul.
- Develop a positive attitude of growing into a mature woman, embracing the power and wisdom that comes with aging, hormonal changes, and adversity.
- Erase the negative images in your brain and embrace the beautiful images of your heart.
- Discover and practice the secrets of being photogenic, never to dodge a camera again.

Please join Hidi Lee and Maureen Benoit at their 4th annual The Naked Truth Workshop on July 26, 2014 at Residence Inn by Marriott at Santa Clarita.

Let’s take a look on what people say about our workshop:

“Hidi – Your presentation was outstanding. It had a strong message that was well defined and presented with great examples. You are a great presenter…Humor was a part of your presentation that made it fun…All your information about the lingerie was well organized and was illustrated so clearly that even the men could understand…it was hard to believe that this was your first workshop. It was outstanding!” – Karen Hudson

Please visit to learn more details about it. Thank you!