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Sexy with No Boundaries

By Hidi Lee

“Sexy with No Boundaries” will take you on a journey through the hallways of “Sexy on the 34th Floor”…dive deep into the “Sexy DNA”…and realize we live in a world of “United Color of Sexiness.”

Having worked as a lingerie designer for 25 years, Hidi Lee has seen thousands of naked women...all different ages, sizes and shapes in her fitting room. She believes they are all the same kind of woman, the one that is confused and insecure of her own body. She knows that this is the obstacle to any kind of success – relationship, personal development, career growth…

She believes it is due to a false body perception. Hidi argues against what she calls the “old school sexy” - the so called “curvy body” or dressing provocatively. In her book “Sexy with No Boundaries” she promotes what she labels “Sexy in the New Millennium” – Aligning the physical beauty with inner qualities such as mind-set, happiness, self-love, and confidence to complete what is the true meaning of “sexy” from the inside and out.

Hidi and her contributors join forces to inspire individuals to realize that sexy is size-blind, age-blind, beauty-blind and gender-blind. We are all sexy and beautiful in our own way. Her ultimate goal is to turn the once confused and insecure individual to receive massive success filled with confidence and sexiness.

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Maurice DiMino

An award winning speaker, author and mentor. He created the “Million Dollar Presentation Template.” Executives, Business Owners and entrepreneurs use his template and they have turned their prospects into raving fans.

Bonus: Free e-book of his book “The Art of Public Speaking” - an easy to use template to help you create a Profitable, Passionate and Powerful message.

Value: $20.00

Cinthia Gambino-Calderon MSM

A 39 year old Human Resources Professional who has her coaching certification along with a Master of Science in Management Degree. In 2013 Cinthia discovered her passion for disciplined body building and healthy nutrition.

Bonus: Free: “30 Days to a Lean Sexy Body” - 30 Days to a Lean Sexy Body will guide you through the next 30 days of developing healthy eating and exercise habits. This nutrition plan provides coaching insights to appropriate portions, exercises, cardiovascular periods and supporting supplements.

Value: $75.00

Ardiana Bani Cohn

Ardiana Bani Cohn is a college teacher specializing in mathematics, science and psychology. She is also a life coach, a public speaker and an author. Ardiana has written two books in the field of spirituality. Her books are a bit different and controversial than other books in the market. Ardiana is making a revolution in the field of spirituality by introducing a new and scientific view of The Law of Attraction and Destiny. Ardiana Bani Cohn is a member of many reputable organizations such as The International Positive Psychology Association, Academia, and Oxford Philosophical Society.

Bonus: Free copy of “Live the Life You Dream” - a simple guide to your success and fulfillment in life. Your dreams and goals, your passions, talents and all the skills you possess are all pushing you in the direction to succeed, if you could just have the patience to follow four simple steps. Author Ardiana Bani Cohn is making a revolution in the field of spirituality by joining in one simple formula the Law of Destiny and the Law of Attraction.

Find out all about these four steps and pitfalls of the Law of Attraction in her book “Live the Life You Dream”

Value: $10.00

Kayla Moffett

Speaker, Weight Loss Coach, and Author of the book "Piece of Cake"

After losing over 70 pounds herself, Kayla specializes in helping people who struggle with weight loss, make simple changes in their everyday life to make weight loss easy and effortless without having to feel like you are on a strict diet. She is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and can help you with the mental struggles that have been holding you back from reaching your goals.

Bonus: Free copy of Kayla’s e-book “Piece of Cake! A Pocket Guide Full of Tips and Tricks for Everyday Weight Loss”

Value $20.00

Michael Stevenson

International Speaker, Master Trainer of NLP, and creator of the live event "The Power To Create Your Life, Now!"

Michael helps thousands of people around the world with their mental programming, to help them live a happier and more fulfilled life. He is a Master Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and teaches people how to make easy mental shifts at the subconscious level, which allows you to let go of limiting beliefs, and other things that have been holding you back. He also teaches business owners, sales people, and even parents how to connect with other people at a subconscious level, to be able to influence and lead with integrity.

Bonus: Free “Memory Mastery Method e-course”, Value: $97.00

Free MP3 of “More Confidence meditation”, Value: $50.00

Ricky Powell

Founder of Lifelong, author of the book, “Happiness Rocks” and creator of the upcoming, Love Your Life System. Ricky is an author, speaker, coach and consultant for both individuals who want to experience happiness on a daily basis and for companies who want to improve their bottom line with employees who feel supported and are engaged, productive and thrilled to be on the job.

Bonus: E-book “How to Overcome the 7 Toxic beliefs About Happiness That Keep You From Being Happy.”

Value: $7.00

Amy Cheryl

Founder of Safe to Shine, provides the roadmap for women to fully own and trust their feminine power and magnetismand deeply feels the pleasure of shining their light unapologetically. Amy has been published in several national magazines including SHAPE and SELF, is an international presenter invited to speaking engagements in Dubai and all over the U.S., has shared stages with global leaders including Marianne Williamson, Founder of CEO space Berny Dohrmann and has been interviewed on several radio shows.

Bonus: Free E-Course “Amp Up Your M-Factor In Minutes”- Are you ready to shine your light unapologetically and fully claim your throne as the Queen you inherently are? Do you crave to be a woman with power, impact and influence where your mere presence inspires others? Done with worrying what others will think of you as you have your voice in this world? If so, this is the course for you! Learn tools from Amy's Signature S.H.I.N.E. system that will catapult you to your throne!

Value $195.00

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is a Certified Personal Trainer, author, and founder of Global Fitness Club, an internet-based venue that provides online workouts, breakthrough mindset tools, and proven nutrition solutions. He helps entrepreneurs and busy business professionals to achieve peak performance both physically and mentally via this breakthrough program.

Bonus: Audio program - “Fitnotherapy - Transform Your Life, Easily & Effortlessly”

Value: $97.00

Starley Murray

Image Branding Expert, Starley Murray has been on television every single month for the past ten years, generating over $1 Million in sales directly from her successful image branding & media training program. Starley helps celebrities, media members, authors, speakers and industry experts translate their unique message in front of a video, TV or web camera through image branding, learned from over 3000 productions and as a national television producer. She's interviewed hundreds of industry experts including celebrities on the red carpet and is plugged into international events and worthy causes.

As a self-proclaimed work in progress, Starley embraces life’s everyday obstacles by drawing on her challenges of growing up in a home of domestic violence. Expression through positive image, brand and message are what today’s society expects and demand. Starley believes image is more than what you wear, image is how you represent yourself in life.

Bonus: Video “Image and Brand for Camera by Celebrity Image Expert Starley Murray”

PDF of “Image = Income Magazine” - over 40 pages of tips and interviews of members of the media such as the Vice President of CBS news services, anchors from LA and industry experts you would recognize from Author 101.

Value: $50.00

Helen Woo

Author, speaker, and radio personality, Helen Woo, is passionate about making a positive difference in this world. She shares her life experiences and lessons in hopes of being a reminder that all challenges – big or small - can be overcome. Helen Woo’s purpose in life is to inspire and to encourage others to triumph over their struggles. Helen’s topics include depression, abuse, addiction, betrayal, loss and devastation, and living a life of freedom - letting go of anger and baggage in your life. Always encouraging laughter, Woo factitiously calls herself the Chinese Ellen Degeneres.

Helen Woo has recently been published in Wake Up Women's latest book: "Be You ~ Spread Your Wings and Fly" with her emotional story, "I am Flying High and I am Here to Flourish". Watch for Helen’s upcoming book “Self-Aid – Inspirations to Turn Struggles to Success”.

Bonus: Free “Helen Woo's Self-Aid Success Stories -- Be entertained and inspired” – Bundle of internet Radio shows.

Value: $90.00

Rhonda Clure

A health and fitness specialist and the Owner of Simply Perfect Beauty, Rhonda helps women achieve a toxic free lifestyle by providing them with education, products and solutions that support women’s health, inside and out. She is a deeply passionate pole fitness instructor, creator of the “Unleash Your Inner Bombshell” fitness program. She helps women connect with their inner power, inspiring confidence and guiding them to rediscover the beauty inside them that has always been there.

Bonus: Free copy of her video – “Domestic Goddess Studio Sexy Fitness Warm Up with Rhonda Clure” - Rhonda helps Unleash Your Inner Bombshell with this fun and sexy warm up that she teaches at the Domestic Goddess Studio in Agoura CA. She will break down simple steps that you can do in the comfort of your own home and then put them all together is a fun little warm up routine! Get your goddess glowing!!

Valued at $200.00

Nancy Ferrari

Nancy Ferrari is the founder of Nancy Ferrari Media & Mentoring and host of her radio show, The Nancy Ferrari Show, on W4CY Radio and iHeartRadio, sharing what’s real, relevant and relatable with expert guests who make a difference in the world. Nancy is also a speaker, author, and contributing writer for numerous online publications, sharing her messages of inspiration and living an empowered life.

Bonus: Free MP3 of “Activate Your Senses Within” – activating all our senses and honoring and loving ourselves!

Value: $35.00

Dina Marie Bias

Often referred to as a “Gifted Intuitive Coach”, Dina Marie Blas is an ordinary woman living an extraordinary life. As a Transformational Mentor & Coach, Intuitive Guide, Speaker and Author, she exudes confidence, strength, poise and intelligence in all her roles. Drawing upon her experience as a trainer, educator, manager and facilitator, Dina founded her coaching business, Your Voice Your Life in 2008, and then expanded her brand to Blas International, Inc. to include the metaphysical approach she now uses in improving personal and professional development at all levels.

Her authenticity, enthusiasm, humor and energy inspire participants to take action and implement new techniques designed to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. In the last 12 months, Dina has co-authored 2 books: Sexy with No Boundaries: Discover the Art of Being Sexy (Jan 2014) and Love Consciousness: A Meditation Guide to Personal and Global Interconnectedness (June 2014).

Bonus: Free copy of “10 Powerful Habits of Empowered Women” - An easy to read tool to help you understand the importance of being an empowered woman in your own life and the best habits to learn and utilize everyday that will aid you in this transformation.

Value: $27.00

Plus, when you get 10 or more copies, you will get

Patricia Gagic

a 30 minute coaching consultation session with Patricia Gagic, Value $175.00

An international artist, photographer, author of Karmic Alibi, business owner, mentor and philanthropist, Gagic has been a passionate supporter of many great causes. She is also an advisor to Free the Children and a co-founder of The Colours of Freedom Foundation. She was knighted as a Dame of the Order of St. George in 2013. She sits on the Ontario Cabinet of Friends for the Canadian Museum of Human Rights and actively supports a school and orphanage in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

You will also get

a 60 minutes phone consulting coaching with Hidi Lee, Value: $ 250.00

Hidi Lee

Hidi has been a fashion lingerie designer for the past 25 years. Of all these years in the fashion world, she learned two very important things - anyone, everyone can look good, no matter what size, shape, age and color. What matters are: to know what to wear and how to wear it. She is also an image expert, author and speaker. Through her dynamic talks, books, and consultation, she makes sure that her clients are getting the passport of dressing for success. Hidi also speaks at business corporation, college and charity events.

When you get 5 or more copies, you will get Hidi Lee’s personal up-coming fashion trend report in a PDF file. Value: $295.00

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In order to make it successful, there are some tips on the purchase on the book campaign:

When you buy more than 5 books, let’s say you would like to buy 10 books, please order it in two transactions – 5 books each time. Amazon like to see from as many different buyers, transactions and quantity as possible. In a word, I highly encourage you to buy in increments of five.

Thank you for your support on making “Sexy with No Boundaries” the Amazon Best Seller!

“Sexy with no Boundaries - Discover the Art of being Sexy - Mentally, Physically and Professionally" is launched on June 1st, 2014. It comes in kindle version, paperback and hard cover. You can find it in and any major online sites and book stores.

We are all bound by the social image of what sexy is. The misconception of having a curvy body; or dressing in a provocative way is the normal image of being “sexy”. Enough is enough, Hidi Lee, with her background as a lingerie designer for 25 years, she redefines what sexy really is in the Millennium.

The creation of “Sexy with no Boundaries” was based on the composition of different real life stories. Aiming to explore the profound meaning of what the individual experiences what “sexy” really is. Lady Gaga once said, “We are all beauty in our own way, because GOD makes no mistake.” The purpose is to inspire both men and women that sexy is “beauty-blind”, “Color-blind”, “size-blind” and “age-blind” and "gender-blind". We are all sexy in our own ways! She believes that we have to re-educate the society to break through the false body perception. Together with her co-authors, they are going to make a better world! Thank you for your support!