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“Almost Naked” – “Lingerie, Secret of the Guilty Pleasure”
By Hidi Lee
ISBN: 978-098328820-6
Paperback | 96 pages

What people say about “Almost Naked”

“Hidi Lee is an exceptional lingerie designer, so I read this book with great expectations. Her words flutter around the room with amazing grace. It is funny, informative and whimsical.” - Chari Coffey (fashion designer)

“An inside glimpse into the world of lingerie. An easy-to, and- must read book for every woman and man.” - Bert Goos (Founder and CEO at Online Talent Manager)

“Hidi Lee shares with the reader the rich history of lingerie, then she shares with you her “Seduction Blueprint”: you can ignite the flames of passion with a careful selection of lingerie. I highly recommend you purchasing this book for yourself and one for someone you care about. They will thank you for it. Thank you Hidi” – Maurice DiMino (author, speaker and mentor)

“Hidi Lee’s book “Almost Naked” is amazing. I love the concept and the sensitivity in which she approaches the erotic sensuality of Lingerie. ” - Jason Nast (Co-founder of Market My Stuff)

“A must read! Utterly absorbing and fascinating! A commanding force that encourages sensual pleasures.” - Rose Lane ( Real Estate Guru)

“The author is a successful designer, with her famous brands (Jezebel, for example) featured in Macy’s and elsewhere. The book stands by itself as a “backstage look” at the smoldering sensuality of a fully self-aware, liberated woman.” – Terry Hunter ( Owner at Hunter-Broker)

”Almost Naked is book that represents the pinnacle of lingerie study, this book is very intelligent, and a must read for all audiences.” - Gheraldo Lucidi ( Italian Chef)

“It’s more than an “intelligent” read, it’s a sexy read” - Chanti Niven (writer, speaker and trainer)

“Hidi’s great passion for fashion has contributed to making her a great lingerie designer. This book consolidates her most valuable experiences over eastern and western cultures where she has lived, loved and grown. It also blends psychology, sociology, history and design – light-heartedly using many personal stories and this…makes it so worthy of your leisure reading.” -
Clara Ching (Vice President of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra)