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Hidi Lee has been an international lingerie designer for 25 years. Her designs can be found from as far as Australia to Japan; Italy, France, Germany to England; Canada to United States of America, Hidi proved that her creativity stuffed the shelves of the high-end retail stores, or be seen at fashion runway, among celebrities or show casting in diverse movies or TV episodes.

As much as she enjoys designing lingerie, she discovered her interest in the speaking and writing world. Within a few years, she developed her skill in these two fields and she orchestrated her fashion lingerie background to her speaking and writing topics. She experienced her ultimate joy by helping individual to feel good about themselves from the inside out.

Through her many years of designing and following the fashion trends…Hidi became an image expert. She has helped countless men and women by providing her expertise to the individual. Her unique sense of fashion, the ability to capture the trend and apply it to ones’ personality made her stand out from the crowd. Her goal is to help individual to understand their own body and be able to learn how to showcase their greatness. In turn, they can achieve massive success physically, mentally and financially.

Through her blog, numerous workshops and books, she shares her tips of how to dress successfully and how to appreciate for what each one of us already have. She continues to inspire people to become a confident and successful individual from every corner through different speaking engagements with her dynamic life experiences and her expertise in the lingerie and fashion world.