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About Hidi Lee

A lingerie designer for 25 years, Hidi has a passion for fashion, and especially lingerie. She'd like to share with you her vision in the fashion industry, tips and tricks she's learned through the years to sharpen your fashion awareness, and the upcoming trends in the fashion world ...

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Almost Naked - Lingerie, Secret of the Guilty Pleasure

"An inside glimpse into the world of lingerie. It emphasizes ones identity and attracts others in the game of seduction. This is an easy to-and- must read book for every woman and man..."

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Sexy With No Boundaries

We are all bound by the social image of what sexy is. The misconception of having a curvy body; or dressing in a provocative way is the normal image of being “sexy”. But don’t you think that's a little too superficial?

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The Naked Truth Workshop

Are you interested in fashion and lingerie? I am going to share with you the tips of how to showcase the best part of your body, down from the very inner piece of lingerie, to every outfit that you put on.

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To Be Your Own Image Consultant

Find your own Fashion DNA. Gain the confidence and knowledge to pick and choose your own wardrobe and be successful. Learn to be a Fashion Victor and save tons of money at the same time!

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The Fashion Confession

Do you want to pursue your passion and lead a fun and glamorous life? Are you ready to get started in this lucrative field? If you answer “yes” to any of the above question…then you are IN!!! You are invited to “The Fashion Confession – The Truth of the Fashion World” ...

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Lingerissimi: Hidi Lee's Blog

An intellectual dimension within the sensual world of lingerie.

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